Jeremy DePoyster pulls double-duty in The Devil Wears Prada, playing rhythm guitar and singing. In a new interview with Music Radar, DePoyster also spoke about his music gear, including his love for Jazzmasters.

Of the band's new album '8:18,' the guitarist said he was still using Fender Jazzmasters and Mustangs in the band, even though neither guitar is considered very 'metal.' His favorite Jazzmaster is one he keeps down-tuned, which he said he uses as much as he can. Part of his love for Jazzmasters comes from being a fan of bands like Sonic Youth and The Cure. He said he avoided them for a long time because they weren't typical metal guitars, but he eventually changed his mind.

“I was always like, 'Hey, bud, I'm in a metal band, so I can't go with a Jazzmaster.' Finally, one day I just got so tired of it, and I decided to do it,” said the guitarist. “I knew that I'd have to bump up the gain, so I put a [Seymour Duncan] JB in this Jazzmaster I got; I also put a JB in my Mustang. I tried them, and man, they sounded so awesome -- more resonance, way more than any of the guitars that I was using before.”

For the new album '8:18,' DePoyster used a wide variety of amps, including a Peavey 6534, a Sovtek, a Marshall JCM 800, a Soldano 100, and his own Orange Rockerverb 100. He said most of the distorted sounds on the album came from either the Peavey, the Soldano or the Marshall. The Orange Rockerverb 100 also serves as his live amplifier, matched with an Orange 4x12. “That combination takes to the JBs quite nicely, but it still lets the tone of the guitar shine through,” said DePoyster.

Hear DePoyster's guitar work on the new the Devil Wears Prada album. '8:18' drops Sept.17.