Art of Dying frontman Jonny Hetherington has chosen to release ‘God for a Day’ for his second solo piano song. The Vancouver-based singer has given Noisecreep an exclusive listen to the full-length version of the ballad which was largely inspired by Layne Staley's death. The song can be purchased on iTunes.

'God for a Day' is the final track on 'Let the Fire Burn -- The Lost Acoustic Record,' which was recorded in 2008, but released in 2012.

“I wrote the song with Zac Malloy, former singer of The Nixons, in Tulsa, Okla. back in the mid-2000s,” Hetherington tells Noisecreep. “The song has never faded for me. In fact, it's become an even stronger anthem in my life over the years.”

The anthemic nature is evident in the chorus which reads: "If I was God for a day / I would take it all away / Give you all my power / For 24 good hours / Lift you up above the storm / Let your wings mend / I would make it all okay / If I was God for a day.

“We started out writing the song about the women or mother figures in our lives that inherently are so giving and selfless, and seem to never ask for anything in return,” Hetherington explains. “Strangely, the subject of the song took a turn when we started talking about [Alice In Chains'] Layne Staley and his tragic death. Alice in Chains has had a huge effect on us both as musicians. For many of us, music is in fact that selfless and giving entity in our lives. I never sing ‘God for a Day’ without thinking about Layne.”

Hetherington plans to keep recording and releasing piano versions of his songs. He told Noisecreep, “This is in response to a really strong reaction to my piano version of ‘Sorry’ that I released on YouTube this summer. I brought a baby grand into my home studio this year and got really inspired by having an instrument like that in my daily space.”

Art of Dying, which are currently without a label, are presently writing for their new album and beginning to talk with potential producers for the upcoming disc.

Art of Dying's Jonny Hetherington, 'God for a Day' Piano Version

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