It's been a big year for Five Finger Death Punch, with a Mayhem Festival headlining spot and a double album release. Individually, it's also been a big year for Chris Kael, who's enjoyed both touring and the studio, but also has put his stamp on a new bass.

When we caught up with Kael, not only was he excited about touring and the constant new material but he was anxious to talk about his signature Spector bass. “I’ve used Spector for years, long before I was even in Death Punch," explained Kael. "They’re a bass company, not a guitar company that just happens to make basses. These guys have always made basses.”

The bassist goes on to reveal, “I’m a huge fan of Gene Simmons, he started out with Spector ages ago. Going into this whole Death Punch thing I had the opportunity to pretty much handpick whatever company I wanted to go with and I was already familiar with Spector. I love the tone and I love the feel. It’s one of those things where as soon as I strap on a Spector, that’s it. I don’t have to adjust nothin’, it’s there.”

Speaking about his CK-4 model, the bassist added, “I wanted to do something special, I’ve basically taken the Spector Rex 4 model and modified it and made it my own. The same thing we try to do tribute wise musically, paying respects to those that came before us yet doing our own thing, that’s kind of the idea I had going in with this bass as well.”

As for the guitar creation, he added, “I took the Rex 4, added my own pickups in there from EMG, they’re going to have my Dunlap strings in there. It’s got a brand new brass knuckle bridge on there, a little shout out to all the knuckleheads out there. It’s a tough bass, it really is. Everything’s available, flat white or flat black, I think they call it matte white and matte black.”

He added, “I wanted to go with a Chopper feel, old school motorcycle, just a tough, brutal, ruthless bass. With the work I did with PJ from Spector, we came up with the CK-4. I’m really happy about that. It’s a big day for me, I think we’re doing the debut of that at NAMM this year but it should be available in stores all across in October.”

To find out more information about Chris Kael Spector CK-4 signature bass, go here.

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