Seether's two disc hits collection, 'Seether 2002-2013,' just arrived in stores, but leading up to the album's release the group had bundle packages that included a signed Schecter bass and guitar from the band that have since sold. Noisecreep recently spoke with bassist Dale Stewart about the group's long-running relationship with Schecter and how they came to be the band's go-to for music instruments.

Stewart recalls, "We've been with Schecter since we came to Los Angeles and recorded the first album. I forget who it was, it may have been the producer we were working with, he said you should stick with this company, they're really good. You should speak to them, send them your CD/demos and see what they think. We went over there, met some of the guys and they were like, 'We like the band,' and we were just flabbergasted that they wanted to give us instruments."

The bassist adds, "We never had anything for free in our lives. The album wasn't even out yet, they really liked it and they're cool like that. If they like your band, they'll take care of you and if they think you show promise they'll get in on that. They won't just jump on the bandwagon once the album goes gold or whatever."

Stewart says that Schecter has always been there for the band and he feels honored that they provided the band their own signature model guitars. "When we started playing I never thought that we'd have signature model guitars," says the bassist. "That felt a little awkward sometimes that I don't feel like I’m worthy to have one of those. But it's great, it's pretty mind blowing. We remain really good friends. Just good people. Those are the kinds of relationships with people you hang on to, especially in this industry. They're few and far between. It's a special one for us."

To learn more about Seether's Schecter instruments, check out their profile at the Schecter site. And for those wishing to order 'Seether 2002-2013,' check out the band's website.

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