While everyone's heard of "Black Sunday," tomorrow will officially be "Black Saturday" for Black Dahlia Murder fans. That's because the band has decided to officially unveil their 'Everblack' album in its entirety over a 24-hour period.

Those interested in checking out the hard rocking effort will want to tune into the Metal Blade Black Dahlia Murder website beginning at 9AM ET. The album will stream in full for the next 24 hours, giving fans a sneak peak of the disc before it drops in stores this Tuesday (June 11).

The group is already off to a solid start with their first single, 'Into the Everblack,' which attacks with an unrelenting fury from the get-go. The album also features the band's first ever song about the murder of the "black dahlia" herself, Elizabeth Short.

The band will begin adding in songs from the album during their summer touring, as they'll be taking part in the Vans Warped Tour this year. Dates for the trek can be found at their website. Pre-orders for the 'Everblack' album are being taken here.