The Austerity Program

The Austerity Program's Justin Foley is a serious multi-tasker. He's a full-time worker, a father, a husband, a riff organizer and every so little often an internet writer. Back in January, Foley wrote a reflective blog post for MetalSucks about how he got into metal.

"When I was writing it, I wasn't necessarily thinking so much how I got into metal," Foley told Noisecreep. Instead, the guitarist says he just wanted to write about being young and having music-related perceptions of people.

"For my mind, it's amazing that there's this big culture that seems to sort of fit so well into that time when you're young and you're getting older that you suddenly become aware that there's bad people out there that are doing the things that your parents don't want you to do. And here's the music that those kids are listening to."

Over 80 comments flooded the blog post with other people's first metal memories. The stories varied from two sentences to almost a page worth of bands and people that influenced the commentators. "Reading back at the comments, I really appreciated the fact that people sort of used that as a touchstone to write something that they were much more serious about. Much more personal. With that said, the ones I got the most kick out of were the ones that other people talked about f---ed up juvenile delinquents that they knew and stuff like that," Foley said.

"There are names of kids who are always in my mind. I'll be like 98 years old, pissing my pants and not being able to remember anything, but if anyone ever comes up to me and says, 'Keith Snow,' I'm gonna be like, 'Oh man, that's guys f---ing crazy!'"

Check out 'Backsliders and Apostates Will Burn' out on Hydra Head May 4.

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