Textures, one of the most head-turning progressive metal bands working today, are finally making their first-ever trip to North America.

While exact dates for the trek across the US and Canada will be announced in the coming weeks, the tour should coincide with the release of the band's fourth studio album. The new record will also serve as Textures' Nuclear Blast debut, as well as the debut of their brand new singer, Daniel de Jongh, who replaced Eric Kalsbeek. The record is currently untitled and will be the follow up to 2008's 'Silhouettes.'

The band will hit the road with Periphery, The Human Abstract and The Contortionist as they pop their North American tour cherry on the so-called Frak the Gods tour.

Guitarist Bart Hennephof was stoked that his Dutch band will finally infest North American soil to play some heavy metal. "Yes, finally we are able to do a tour in the US," Hennephof said in a statement. "We are all very excited! Past years we have gotten a lot of response and messages from the US fans telling us to come over. Finally we can fulfill their (and our own) wishes and what better band to go on tour with than with Periphery! This tour is going to be a blast! We can't wait to travel across the country and play shows throughout the States!"