Textures vocalist Eric Kalsbeek has exited the forward-thinking metal band in order to focus on noble pursuits like his job and his family. In a statement, Kalsbeek said, "I decided to quit Textures. My life changed, priorities shifted. I can't cope with the heavy touring and the time investment anymore. I need to focus on my job and family. I need to take a few steps back."

He continued, saying, "I've had six beautiful years with the band, did loads of amazing shows, made tons of new friends and created some mind-blowing music. I'm going to miss the guys, and of course you, the fans. I know Textures will continue to conquer the world and give you all great, heavy and awesome music. I wish my successor all the best. I will keep on making music, but something totally different, much more low-profile."

Textures, who issued the critically lauded 'Silhouettes' in 2008, are continuing on sans Kalsbeek. They are currently auditioning for a replacement and hope to find and announce said replacement shortly. As a result of Kalsbeek's departure, new music from the band will be pushed back to sometime next year.