Exivious, a new metal/fusion outfit featuring members of Cynic and Textures, are now taking preorders for their first CD. They're limiting their release to 1,000 copies, all hand numbered and packaged with unique artwork. Copies 1-10 will be auctioned off on eBay and will come with band member gear, like guitar picks and drumsticks.

"For the kind of music we're playing," Tymon Kruidenier, also of Cynic, told Noisecreep, "a label almost becomes obsolete in this time of an internet connected world. It takes an organized band and a clear vision of what needs to be done, but to us it's worth it in every way."

When the first pressing sells out the band may consider seeking out label support, but they are taking it slow for now. "Who knows," Kruidenier continues, "we'll see what happens when the time comes."