Pirate metal mariners Swashbuckle have given up sailing the seven seas for a little while to finish working on their third full-length album, 'Crime Always Pays.' The disc will be the first to feature new drummer Bootsmann Collins, who replaced Captain Crashride in April.

"[Crashride] brought us five years of service and utter shenanigans, and we wish him nothing but the best in combating that extreme outbreak of scurvy," said frontman Admiral Nobeard. "[Bootsmann Collins is] a f---ing killer drummer and quite the retarded pirate. So we couldn't be more stoked to have him aboard."

Nobeard said 'Crime Always Pays' is a sword-swingin' cannonball blasting feast of thrash riffs and plundering beats that's more fun than raiding a medical supply ship. "It's gonna be a heavy record, so expect to beat the s--- out of your siblings and parental units whilst ye get caught in a mosh," he said. "Let me assure you that it'll thrash your f---ing brains into your butthole."

Swashbuckle will head out on tour with Soilwork, Death Angel, Mutiny Within and Augury starting July 14 in Springfield, Va. Dates run through Aug. 18 in Indianapolis.

'Crime Always Pays' track list

1. 'This Rounds on You!'

2. 'Raw-doggin' at the Rawbar'

3. 'The Gallows Pole Dancer'

4. 'A Time of Wooden Ships and Iron Men'

5. 'At the Bottom of a Glass'

6. 'Powder Keg'

7. 'Where Victory Is Penned'

8. 'We Are the Storm'

9. 'Of Hooks and Hornswagglers'

10. 'Ropes End'

11. 'Legacy's Allure'

12. 'You Bring the Cannons, We'll Bring the Balls'

13. 'Crime Always Pays'

14. 'To Steal a Life'

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