Who would win in a fight: Shadows Fall frontman Brian Fair or All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte? We only ask because, over the weekend in Baltimore, the two New England metallers nearly threw down ... nearly. Instead, they aired their dirty laundry on Twitter, for all to see. On Saturday night, during Shadows Fall's gig, Labonte accused Fair of "trying to f---" his girlfriend on Twitter, and for the remainder of the night, the two metal dudes went back and forth about the matter. "You couldn't be more wrong," Fair wrote, reacting to Labonte's claims. "I hope we are all wrong and it was just a huge stupid misunderstanding," Phil replied. It sort of went on like this for a few Tweets, and then, on Sunday, Labonte's girlfriend took to her Twitter page, writing to Fair, "Thanks for the apology. Yeah, you were trashed. Stupid others get involved and make it drama." if this isn't the lamest beef ever, we don't know what is. As much as we love both dudes, but have to side with Phil here. Think about it: Most of the women we've met don't think they get hit on, so for Labonte's girlfriend to say something ... ah, you decide for yourself. But the answer to our original question is Labonte. Dude's a former Marine. Brian's dreads would just get in the way of his fists if the two faced-off. What do you think?

+ According to the PRP, Machine Head's recently-recorded cover of Pantera's 'F---ing Hostile' will appear on an upcoming Pantera tribute CD, being assembled by an unnamed U.K metal magazine. The set will reportedly feature a number of current scene heavyweights, covering tracks from the band's storied catalogue.

+ Slayer had to miss a gig last night in Australia, as doctors advised frontman Tom Araya not to perform Sunday, because he's been diagnosed with severe laryngitis. Instead, the tour's co-headliners, Megadeth, performed an extended set. According to sources, the Australian tour's expected to continue as planned, with no additional Slayer no-shows.

+ Now that he's no longer working on Ozzy Osbourne's new LP, Zakk Wylde and his band Black Label Society will head back to the studio before year's end to start tracking a new disc, which could be ready in time for a release this spring.

+ System of a Down's John Dolmayan and Alice Cooper will be drawn into the pages of the upcoming action and horror comic book series 'The Rufnex.' The comic follows a group of prisoners, who agree to a near-suicide mission on a remote island in exchange for their freedom. Their mission soon takes a horrific turn as they discover the island is crawling with hordes of ravenous zombies. Bloodshed ensues.

+ San Francisco's Skinlab added guitarist Brian Jackson to the fold. According to the band, "Brian stepped in after only a week to learn a 14-song set and has absolutely crushed s--- while on tour. He's proven to be a perfect fit for Skinlab and is willing to dedicate himself 150 percent to Skinlab."

+ Mötley Crüe will release a 19-track 'Greatest Hits' collection on Nov. 17. The track listing includes classics like 'Shout at the Devil,' 'Smokin' in the Boys Room,' 'Home Sweet Home,' 'Kickstart My Heart' and 'Saints of Los Angeles."'

+ Bleeding Through have pulled out of Satyricon's North American tour, citing "some personal/family business that must be tended to immediately." Guess there have been break-up rumors regarding the band, as the statement assures fans "everything is fine as far as the band is concerned."

+ Korpiklaani, Swashbuckle, Týr and White Wizzard will be hitting the road together in 2010. The trek launches Jan. 8 in Worcester, Mass., and runs through Jan. 31 in Vancouver.

+ The Misfits will return this Halloween with two brand-new songs ... the first shred of new original material from the band in 10 years. The band will release the two tracks, 'Land of the Dead' and 'Twilight of the Dead,' as a limited-edition, 12-inch LP maxi-single. Only 1,000 copies will be made. You may also download the track from iTunes starting Oct. 27.

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