"New York Citaaaaaaaaaaaay! How's your vibe?" Doomriders frontman Nate Newton asked the crowd at New York's Mercury Lounge on April 14. The guitarist also has a big role in the prominent, Boston-bred hardcore band Converge.

"Well, give it up because your vibe is much better than last night's vibe." The show was the band's second in a row at the same venue. It was billed with only two bands for each night, with Red Sparowes as the headliner. (Of which, Red Sparowes bassist Greg Burns is also from New England as we learned when he told us about his Jasta 14 past.)

With his Danzig-like hair swinging side to side, Newton was as amped at the end of the show as he was when he first stepped onto the stage. And he was as excited as he was attentive.

"Are you ready, Swashbuckle?" Newton said while pointing to a male wearing a Swashbuckle shirt. He made a couple pirate sounds before the band kicked into the next song. I guess when you go to a Doomriders show with a Swashbuckle shirt, you get called out. That's just what happens. And, that's not such a bad thing.

Be sure to check out Doomriders' latest release, 'Darkness Come Alive,' which is out now.

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