It's typical for either the singer of a band to write the lyrics. Sometimes it's the guitarist. Rarely, it's the bassist or even the drummer. It's almost always a member of the band who pens the words, unless, of course, you are a pop tart like Britney Spears, who sings songs written for her by professional songwriters.

For Germany's Suidakra, the artist who designs their album covers actually writes their lyrics. No, we're not joking! But oddly enough, this unconventional, unorthodox method really works for the band. "Our cover artist is from Belgium, and he wrote the lyrics," vocalist/guitairist/non-lyricist Arkadius told Noisecreep. "His name is Kris Verwimp and he is very into the mythological style of the Irish and the Celts."

Verwimp writes the lyrics now because the band's former guitarist left the band to pursue other opportunities. "Our old guitarist Marcel wrote the lyrics, but he left," Arkadius said. "We had the opportunity to make it a big concept, since he is responsible for the artwork."

Singing someone else's words? Someone who isn't in the band? We're still surprised! But it's not uncomfortable, because Verwimp has been with the band for so long, so to speak. "There is so much involved and we all worked together," Arkadius said. "It might seem that it would be difficult for him to write lyrics for a song since he is not involved in the music! But he creates lyrics, and we put them together with the song, so it was a team effort. We were able to take them and work with them to make them fit. He has known us for years. He did the first artwork and has for every single album."

'Crogacht' is out now.

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