Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath is an unapologetic metalhead. Go ahead, scoff at the pretty boy pop singer who happens to wear Suffocation and Venom t-shirts. Then, calmly accept the fact that he speaks our language fluently.

"I was 20 years old and I got a 'Butchered at Birth' t-shirt from Cannibal Corpse on Hollywood Boulevard," McGrath told Noisecreep about his formative love for metal attire. "I am a huge metal fan and always have been, but that's not how people perceive me."

McGrath isn't just frontin' or trying to 'look the part,' either. He is, after all, a three-time Rock 'n' Roll Jeopardy champion who doesn't need credentials to prove his metal-ness. But if you ask anyone who is anyone in the metal scene, from Deftones to Korn to Monster Magnet to Slayer to Metallica, McGrath's down. The affable singer, reality show star, and father of twins summed it up best: "I have Kerry King's internal organs inside me."

Not only does McGrath claim to posses King's innards, but he also has a Burzum shirt hanging in his closet. "I bust it out when I feel randy," McGrath laughs. He also cops to listening to SiriusXM's 'Liquid Metal' show and is proud that Sugar Ray have done their time in the metal trenches, touring with Deftones and Korn. McGrath also says he understands why some metal fans might question whether or not metal truly courses through his veins. "I just happen to love Slayer and The Beach Boys," he says.

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