These days, Mark McGrath is best known as a television host and reality show star on 'Celebrity Apprentice.' But the metal-at-heart rock star still loves metal music as much as he did when he started Sugar Ray. "For 22 years, it's been the same guys and we've shared stage with Kiss, Aerosmith, Sex Pistols, and we've rocked a lot. If people come see us, we're a mean machine. But I have a metal heart and soul."

While McGrath admits he doesn't expect Noisecreep readers to run out and see a Sugar Ray show, he does want metalheads to "know that I know what you know!" Translation: he is as metal as a mouthful of cavities. "I know what you like and think is cool, and I dig that," he said. "I am 42-year-old man, so it's not so much a lifestyle anymore, but I appreciate the music," said the singer.

McGrath is also enjoying his time on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' which airs on Sunday nights. He is one of the show's highlights, getting his hands dirty, working with his teammates, and astutely assessing situations and personalities during his interviews segments.

We had to ask the singer what it was like working with the entertaining yet exhausting actor Gary Busey. "I love Gary and I am enamored of him," McGrath said. "The crazy part is the easy part. The physical, 3-D Gary is the hard part. Gary is very physical. He breathes on you, pushes you out of the way, six days a week, 16 hours a day. He is pushing, breathing, interrupting, and that grates on your nerves. His fiancée is a saint and the guy will wear you down, I don't care who you are. But I have had more good times than bad times with him and am glad to call him a friend."

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