After being introduced to the public in 1935, Jägermeister is finally launching their first-ever television campaign. The German alcohol giant enlisted critically acclaimed film producer Albert Hughes and Emmy Award winning Director Alastair McKevitt to capture top talent including former football star Keyshawn Johnson, boxing coach Freddie Roach, tattoo artist Mister Cartoon, race car driver Mike Lingerfelt, surfer Nathan Fletcher, and bullfighter Rob Smets, called "Stronger Bond," but one guy on the list stood out to Noisecreep.

None other than Slayer guitarist Kerry King is also featured in the Jägermeister advert. Check out the television commercial featuring the legendary thrasher below, along with a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the spot.

Watch the Jägermeister TV Commerical Featuring Kerry King

"Jägermeister has always been consumed socially. This product was originally developed for, and dedicated to, hunters that have deep connections to their craft and each other. The "Stronger Bond" campaign triggers stories of this kinship and bonding from the brand's deep history and highlights that bond amongst this exceptional group of men," says Michael Volke, Member, Executive Board, Mast-Jägermeister SE.

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Watch Kerry King at the Making of the Jägermeister Commercial