Star F---ing Hipsters

"I haven't played this guitar since last time we played here two weeks ago. Now it's out of tune," Star F---ing Hipsters guitarist and C-squat resident Stza Sturgeon said on March 25 at New York City's Europa. That night, Boston punks Disaster Strikes started the show, and hardcore idol Jello Biafra ended the show with his new band Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine.

"Who said 'f---ed reality'? Well, here you go," former Choking Victim guitarist Sturgeon said while handing a pick to a fan. "I finally broke a pick and not a string. But we're not playing a Choking Victim song," he said to the disappointment of many people in the crowd. As it turns out, the band will only play a Choking Victim song in absence of frontwoman Nico de Gaillo.

"We have two CDs for sale. I've never said that at a show before, but we're really f---ing broke," Sturgeon added just before they played their last song.

From late April to late May the band will take part in a 14 show tour that spans from the UK to Germany. The New York City punks are also planning to release a new album in 2011 titled 'Ska F---ing Hipsters.'