When experimental black metal band Sigh started working on their new album, 'Scenes From Hell,' they were planning to re-record their old song 'The Curse of Izanagi' for the Japanese version of the album. The track originally appeared on the 1997 record 'Hail Horror Hail,' and describes a voodoo curse that condemns its victim's souls to Hell: "The word is death/Your own death is stalking you/Torment of Hell, an infernal spell cast upon you/Trapped for eternity, it's your destiny/Your fate lies in the cruelty of my eyes."

However, as soon as Sigh started getting ready to work on the song, tragedy struck. "The owner of the label all of a sudden committed suicide and the plan fell through," frontman Mirai Kawashima told Noisecreep.

It wasn't the first time 'The Curse of Izanagi' spawned death and disaster, either. "We had planned to re-release the song several times, but it never came true, and this was the second time that a person involved [in its recreation] suddenly died," Kawashima said. "I am not sure about the linkage between the song and these incidents, but I've decided to seal this track forever, as it is too sinister."

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