Secrets of the MoonGermany's Secrets of the Moon are releasing their newest full-length, 'Privilegivm', Oct. 20 on the Lupus Lounge label. True to traditional black metal fashion, the layout is presented in subtle grayscale -- but breaking from the genre's established practice is an effective use of some more advanced printing stylizations.

The artwork was created by Metastazis, a New York-based duo that boast an uncountable number of clients within the music industry -- most of which are bands from across the pond in Europe.

The release is a cardboard six-panel digipak with the insert tucked into a pocket on the inside of the cover panel. From the cover, we can see right away the style to expect on the inside. It bears a photo of an apple with a bite taken out of it, and the bite has a matte black finish to contrast with the semi-gloss of the rest of the outside panels.

The dueling textures theme is carried forward into the inside panels, this time with matte spirals against super glossy backgrounds. The insert features similar patterns with metallic ink accents, both silver and gold colored. There are photos of the band members (Metastazis' site and their body of work exhibits some great photo-manipulations). The only true noticeable use of color is the photo of all three band members in the middle of the insert, spanning two panels.

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