What a friggin' tease! We awoke this morning, thinking that today was the day Alice in Chains' 'Black Give Way to Blue' would finally be in stores, only to discover that the Internet lied. Not the whole Internet. Just a few metal sites we've come to trust. But now? After getting our hopes up for the release? We're going to have to double-check some of these sites now when they report information. Anyways, Alice in Chains' new album doesn't come out for another week. So that sucks. And those of you who may have been confused about the release date for Porcupine Tree's 'The Incident,' here's some good news. The record is already out, as we discovered over the weekend. Wasn't it supposed to come out this week? Why are we so confused about release dates? Why do they seem to be changing on us all of a sudden? Anyway, hope that clears up any confusion you may have had. But now it's time for the White Noise.

+ Nine Inch Nails may be done touring for the foreseeable future, but the releases just keep on coming. The band plans to re-issue their 1999 LP 'The Fragile,' as an 'ultimate' two-disc set, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the album's release. It's looking like the disc will be in stores early next year.

+ They may not be metal by definition, but the Stone Temple Pilots will be touring next month. They'll hit the road starting Oct. 2 in Mobile, Ala. with dates booked through Jan. 1 in Thackerville, Okla. These guys need to release new music already.

+ Guitar Hero CEO Dan Rosensweig has finally responded to the controversy surrounding the avatar of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain in the game, which can be made to sing songs by artists like Bon Jovi and Bush. Cobain's widow, Courtney Love, is threatening legal action over the game, saying that Cobain would never have sung the songs of the Jovi. According to Rosensweig, "I do know that there's absolutely a contract, and we know that the check has been cashed. I can only deal with the facts. It's very clear what the terms are. We care about the artists more than anyone else and we would like to make artists happy in every circumstance. I'm disappointed in this case that there seems to be confusion between the band and the estate. It's really not Guitar Hero's confusion. We went and spoke directly to the estate and made it crystal clear, got the rights, paid for the rights, and really, we've done what we've always done. The fact that the rest of the band and the estate did not communicate ... I can't speak for everybody being happy."

+ Through the Eyes of the Dead have set 'Skepsis' as the title of their forthcoming third album. The disc will be released through Prosthetic Records sometime soon, although an exact release date has not been set in stone. The offering will feature 10 tracks, including 'Parasite Throne,' 'Perpetual Defilement' and 'Defaced Reality.'

+ A three-disc Korn box set will be released on Sept. 29. Called 'The Music of Korn,' the set features Korn classics like "Falling Away From Me,' 'Got the Life' and 'Freak on a Leash.'

+ Burst were forced to miss several shows on their current tour, following the breakdown of their bus. The band called a mechanic, who "was a big boned-fellow, and since his hands were too fat to reach into the engine, that didn't work. He tried getting his retard son to come down and fix it (apparently, he had thinner hands/arms), but he was on probation, so that didn't work. Thus, we were stuck in the middle of the North Carolina mountains (beautiful country, though), forced to cancel the Richmond, Va. show. Frustrating, to say the least. We're in this country to play music, not to sit in a bus and drink Milwaukee Best and look at the rain." The band is trying to turn their luck around, and plan to return to their tour as soon as they can.

+ What happens when you're record leaks online? Well, if you're a rapper, you move up the release date. If you're death metallers I Built the Cross, you give that thing away for free. That's right, between now and Sept. 24, you can download 'Bridging the Gap Between Mind and Heart' right now, for free at the Open Grave Records Website.

+ Maylene and the Sons of Disaster will be touring with All That Remains and Lacuna Coil without their frontman Dallas Taylor. Filling in for him will be Schulyar Dane of He Is Legend. According to the band, Taylor needs to tend to issues back home.

+ Divine Heresy has been added to Moonspell's upcoming tour with Book of Black Earth and Secrets of the Moon. The trek gets underway in Tampa, Fla. on Oct. 14, and runs through Nov. 6 in San Antonio, Texas.

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