It's Friday, folks. What a week it's been. The weather has been getting colder, and today, we shoot another podcast. Satyricon will be today's podcast guests, and they'll be talking to us about the state of black metal, why they won't be touring next year, and whatever else we think to ask them. If you still haven't heard last week's podcast, what are you waiting for? We had Dave Witte from Municipal Waste and Burnt by the Sun in to discuss the week's metal news and metal releases, and we grilled him about whether 'The Heart of Darkness' is really going to be BBTS' last LP. Today's White Noise is packed with album news and notes, tour dates, and more. So let's get right to it.

+ The Empire Shall Fall, which features former Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach, have released a trailer for their upcoming LP, 'Awaken,' through YouTube. The album hits stores on Nov. 17, and if this trailer's any indication, this record is going to rule.

+ Black metallers Secrets of the Moon have posted their entire new album, 'Privilegivm,' online for all to hear. The album features nine tracks, including 'Sulphur,' 'For They Know Not' and 'Queen Among Rats.'

+ According to Billboard, Fox Searchlight is in negotiations to bring the story of the Ramones to the big screen. The film will be based on the upcoming memoir 'I Slept With Joey Ramone,' by the musician's brother, and will feature the band's music, too. The book comes out in December. Let's hope this flick gets made.

+ Italian metallers Stigma are planning to hit the studio next month with guitarist Jona Weinhofen producing the effort. In addition, the band have also parted with guitarist Morgan Ferrua, and plan to record their next album as a four-piece.

+ Mongo Ninja. How's that for a metal band name? The band's debut album, 'And the Wrist Is History,' will be in stores sometime this month, and boasts 13 punk-imbued metal tracks. You can check out some of their songs over at their MySpace page.

+ Kalmah have been forced to cancel their previously announced shows at the Unirock Extreme Festival in Istanbul, Turkey and Nuclear Nightclub in Oulu, Finland. That's because frontman Pekka Kokko had a little incident with a brush saw.

+ Cinderella will release 'Live at the Mohegan Sun' next month. The set features the band's original lineup and was recorded back in 2005. It will feature 14 songs, including 'Somebody Save Me,' 'Nobody's Fool' and 'Don't Know What You Got ('Till It's Gone).'

+ From First to Last, Greeley Estates, Therefore I Am and Color of Violence will be hitting the road starting on Oct. 18 in Atlanta. Dates are booked through Nov. 14 in Houston.

+ Eyes Set to Kill and Love Hate Hero kick off their tour tonight in Glendale, Ariz., with shows scheduled through Nov. 12 in Anaheim, Calif.

+ Want to hear a new Skeletonwitch track? The band has posted 'Repulsive Salvation,' which appears on the band's new album 'Breathing the Fire,' which will be in stores Oct. 13.

+ Ensiferum have released 'Mobile Twilight Tavern,' a phone app that's basically a virtual hotline between fans and the band from anywhere in the world. You can hear what happens on the road and in the backrooms exclusively through your mobile phone, and in real time.

+ Immortal have posted several audio samples of tracks from their new album, 'All Shall Fall,' online. The album drops Oct. 6.

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