Baltimore hardcore band Ruiner are about to head out on the road to tour in support of their recently released album, 'Hell is Empty.' The tour kicks of March 12 in West Virginia and runs through April 11 in Singapore -- with barely a day off. There's a show almost every single night, save for cross-continental travel! It's enough to make mere mortal bands weep.

"We've always looked up to the bands who toured when touring wasn't easy by design, before punk and hardcore bands all had agents and managers telling them what 'markets' they should play," vocalist Rob Sullivan told Noisecreep. "You go where you are wanted and you do your best to fill in the blanks."

Sullivan has a very matter-of-fact way of looking at taking breaks on the road, too. "A day off means less income and more time spent wasting personal money trying to entertain yourself," he added. "If we want to go do something in a town all day, the next day we drive overnight and sleep in the van. We avoid hotels as much as possible and just crash on friends' floors."

Ruiner have toured the U.S. about 10 times now, and they played over 200 shows during their first year and a half of existence. The reality is, though, that they love it. "It's the only way we know how to do this," Sullivan said.

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