Roger Miret is perhaps best known for his gig as lead singer of hardcore legends Agnostic Front, but Miret moonlights in the more punk-leaning band, dubbed Roger Miret and the Disasters. Noisecreep is thrilled to premiere 'Stand Up and Fight,' a brand new, two-minute track from 'Gotta Get Up Now,' which is due out on People Like You Records. The song is efficient, makes its point and moves on, thanks to Miret's spit up vocals and the catchier-than-a-cold melody.

"Don't let the system let you down," Miret told Noisecreep about the song, which is fist-pumping punk dosed with a hardcore aesthetic. "Governments are notorious in keeping the people in fear with media lies. Don't conform to the system. Fight the system! Stand up and fight ... like my old friend [Clash frontman Joe Strummer] said."

Listen to 'Stand Up and Fight'

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