Agnostic Front-man Roger Miret is moonlighting in the street punk riot squad Roger Miret and the Disasters, which he admits is "more melodic" than his main band. "Musically, it's a collage of all the bands who inspired me and made me who I am in AF," Miret told Noisecreep. "By me giving that energy and sound back the youth of today, they will get inspired by what inspired me."

AOL is streaming 'Gotta Get Up Now' in its entirety today. The album is in stores Jan. 25, and Miret provided this exclusive track-by-track rundown of the album, offering a little insight into every song on the album.

'Stand Up and Fight'

This track is about being lied to by the mass media. Tell me the facts and let me decide what I think. Don't make people scared so you can control them. We're smarter than that.

'The Enemy'

This number is about punk and hardcore kids. The unity song. We're all the same. We love punk and hardcore music, and society as a rule doesn't cater to people like us. We're in this together. We have to stand together.

'We're Gonna Find a Way'

It doesn't matter where you're from, you should always stay positive about s---. Whether you're locked up or you're at school, hating life. You never know what's gonna happen tomorrow. I came from nothing. Struggling as an immigrant in a broken home, I had to stay positive. Anything and everything is possible. It's about overcoming hardships in life!


Losing friends through bulls--- is the dumbest thing. Myself and everyone else is guilty of it. Here's our song.

'Gotta Get Up Now'

This one is about doing something. If you don't agree with something, change it. It's like the people who b---- about the government but forgot to vote. F--- you, you don't have s--- to say. You've gotta get off your ass and do something. That's what punk and hardcore is all about -- taking action.

'My Own Way'

This is about my life in NYC as a kid. Each verse is a true story. My friend Duane was dying in my arms. We took him to the hospital. I got busted on the way to my favorite store in NYC, 99X. We closed down a record store on St. Mark's, 'cause they rudely overpriced my record to sell to me. It wasn't glamorous at all. It was our lives though.

'Outcast Youth'

This is about Agnostic Front in the '80s. We were in this s--- together. We traveled to these cities to represent NYC punk and hardcore. It wasn't pretty clubs and guarantees. It was f---ed up squats and fights every night. No matter how bad it was, we loved it and helped create a scene which still lives strong today.

'Tales of a Shorthaired Boy'

On tour, I enjoy reading. I remember reading this Clash book, and when it came to Paul's stories and life I found it so similar to my own, so I kinda put on his shoes for this one! This is his story! If he hadn't ended up in the Clash, he'd be doing a hard 10 right now.

'Tonight's the Night'

This is our call to arms. Our 'Rally the Troops' track. We fought to create this scene; now let's not lose it.

'Bare-Knuckle Brawler'

This is just a funny tour story. All I'm gonna say is that every punk rock jukebox should have Agnostic Front and the Disasters in it. Sometimes I get a little drunk, too.

'Red, White and Blue'

This is a track about the bulls--- they try feed us. Liars and cheaters are running this country into the ground. I love this country, but sometimes it's really hard to stomach. Sometimes a vote for change doesn't mean s---, ya know.

'Road to Nowhere'

Sometimes life on the road is hard. Especially in two bands. It's my life and I love it, but sometimes it can really take a toll on you. Missing family and friends. People's lives change so fast, and sometimes you miss that, being away from the people you love.

'City Soldiers'

This song was inspired by [guitarist Vinnie Stigma]. Before the first Agnostic Front tour, he had a great union job lined up. He coulda had it made, but he decided to give it all away for hardcore and the band. That's the type of dedication that proves to me how great some people are. That's why I love this music.


This is song I wrote to my newborn son, Desi. I woke up in the middle of the night while my wife was pregnant with Desi and just started these lyrics I dreamed about and music I was hearing to carry it. It's like a letter to him to follow if I died tomorrow.

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