Agnostic Front are synonymous with New York City's hardcore scene. Vocalist Roger Miret -- who also fronts the melodic street punkers Roger Miret and the Disasters, who will release 'Gotta Get Up Now' on Jan. 25 -- has since moved to Arizona, but one thing remains constant. You can take Miret out of New York City, but you can't New York City out of Miret.

"I moved here about five years ago, because I got married," Miret told Noisecreep. "It was a neutral place to get married and have babies, and within in a month, we were having babies. Here I am with a daughter and son!" While domesticity in Arizona agrees with Miret, he misses his hometown -- sort of.

"I miss the food," Miret said. "The NYC I knew and grew up with is long gone. When I want to revisit that NYC, I will put on 'Taxi Driver' and have a good ride. 42nd Street is Disney World now. It is disgusting and overpriced."

Miret even said that he feels like the Big Apple is playing second fiddle to Brooklyn these days. "My biggest joke now is that we get onstage, I say, 'We are Agnostic Front from Williamsburg, Brooklyn,'" he laughed. "Manhattan has become a suburb of a Brooklyn. If you live in NYC, you're out! I also say the Disasters are from Williamsburg.

"I see real estate ads -- when I was home looking through a paper -- and when they are advertising for places in Manhattan, one of the selling points is that the place is located just 10 minutes from Williamsburg. Manhattan is now the suburb? How did that happen?"

Just like his new home in Arizona is different from his home in NYC, the Disasters are quite different from Agnostic Front. "Lyrically is the main difference," Miret said. "The Disasters are more of a personal diary of myself. It is storytelling of my life. AF are about revving up streets of New York City, and the Disasters are more like a diary."

AF's next album, 'My Life, My Way' is out March 22. Miret said he is beyond inspired by the fact that he is releasing two great records this year.

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