Rob Zombie is a regular guest on Howard Stern's morning radio show, and even plays on the show's theme song, 'The Great American Nightmare.' Their personal friendship didn't stop Stern from grilling Zombie about the beef he had with Marilyn Manson while the two were on tour together as part of the 'Twins of Evil' co-headlining trek in late 2012. Zombie addressed the issue for the first time, dialing it down and saying it wasn't that big of a deal, even though a "feud" between the two rockers was oft-discussed in the press.

Recalling the incident, Zombie said that Manson remained on stage past his allotted set time one night. Zombie said, "It was no big deal. He went on late, which doesn't matter. He just has to get off on time. Buildings have strict curfews. They will literally turn the power off and the lights on. He can go on whenever he wants and do whatever he wants. It doesn't matter to me. I don't pay attention. He just has to come off at the allotted time...He was like 25 minutes late. I was in my dressing room getting dressed. I don't hall monitor."

Even so, Zombie happened to be watching Manson's performance on the TV in his dressing room that particular night and noticed he kept on going and going. He repeated that he didn't care about the fact that Manson went on late, which made us think that perhaps he really did. Eventually, though, it was revealed that Manson going on late means he went off later than planned, which interfered with Zombie's set.

But the problem lied in the fact that Manson went onstage and kept ranting and raving about it the NEXT day in Michigan, saying Zombie was the reason he could not play more songs, rather than his own tardiness being the reason he could not continue to perform.

Zombie continued, "He kept going and going, and finally came off. We played our show. The next day, it turned into a thing. In his mind, he thought I had done something, and he couldn't play his last song, which I didn't know. It had nothing to do with me. It was the chaos of his show. He started ranting and raving about me. I missed a lot of it, but saw some on TV, where he said, 'I am going to kick somebody's ass.' I was like, 'What is he talking about?,' not realizing he is talking about me. He always seems to be mad at someone. I thought he was pissed off at some sound guy. After ranting and raving, I realize he is talking about me. I was like, 'What the f--- did I do? I am back here minding my own business.' I said I would just ignore it, but it kept going and going. You can only push it so far. I went backstage and was going to punch him the face, and that would be the end of that. He was like, 'Hey, whatever.' But I was pissed."

Zombie confronted Manson, revealing, "I went in like, 'What the f--- is your problem?' I was pissed but calm. [Like] 'I don't f--- with your show, I don't know what the f--- you're talking about.' He didn't know...He says things and doesn't think people are going to be pissed about it. If you go in front of the crowd, now it becomes a real thing you've created."

Zombie said he doesn't remember going onstage and saying "F--- Marilyn Manson," and didn't want to hear a clip of it, either. Stern had it cued up, though!

The acts did the entire U.S. tour and beyond with no further drama and Zombie even said that he would tour with Manson again.

Watch Rob Zombie Chat with Howard Stern About Manson Incident

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