It was the sit down of all sit downs between shock rocker Marilyn Manson and master interviewer Larry King on the latter's 'Larry King Now.' Each man wore his familiar uniform -- Manson smeared with blood-red lipstick, hiding his eyes behind aviator shades and cloaked in black attire topped by inky hair, while King was strapped into his suspenders and sporting black specs -- as they entered the familiar interview ring to go toe-to-toe.

In the 25-minute chat, Manson revealed fun factoids, like the fact that his father still calls him by his given name of Brian. He also christened King with the "Salvador Dolly Parton" stage name and addressed his unfair association with people who commit mass shootings, pointing out that he does not endorse such behavior.

King, a deft and accomplished interviewer, was pretty much introducing Manson to his largely mainstream viewership. He asked all the questions that a non-rocker or someone not well-versed in Manson would have: How he came up with his name; why he wears makeup and more. Manson, or Brian, if you will, still contends that he wears less makeup than most girls he knows.

King asked if the singer if he gets a kick out of offending people, and turning them off, with his image. Manson swiftly and smartly replied that art should be a question mark, not an answer, and that chaos and confusion are the best forms of communication when it comes to making art.

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