Marilyn Manson definitely had Paris Jackson on his mind Thursday (June 6) in Los Angeles as he took the stage. He reportedly sent a message to the teen earlier in the day telling her that she would be welcome at his concert anytime after she attempted suicide this past week and then dedicated a performance to her during the show.

Jackson had stormed off in a tirade after she was told she wouldn't be allowed to attend Manson's concert and then allegedly attempted suicide by using a meat cleaver to slash her wrists.

According to TMZ, when Manson took the stage in Los Angeles, he decided to offer his own unique and shocking take on the situation. He dedicated the song 'Disposable Teens' to Jackson and then proceeded to perform with a knife attached to his microphone that he used to simulate a wrist slashing.

The prop was not specifically designed for the stage stunt as he's used it in the past, but given the gravity of Jackson's situation, the song's message resonated more than usual.