Parkway Drive Announce New Album
Parkway Drive have just announced details for their forthcoming fourth album, Atlas. Hitting stores on Oct. 30 via Epitaph Records, the album will be available as a deluxe package that includes the Home Is for the Heartless DVD, a unique travelogue that follows the band's adventures touring to many obscure destinations including Colombia, China and India ...
Parkway Drive, ‘Deep Blue’ — New Album
For their new album 'Deep Blue,' Aussie metalcorists Parkway Drive trekked across the International Date Line to Los Angeles to record. "Recording 'Deep Blue' was amazing," vocalist Winston McCall told Noisecreep. "To be honest, it was the first time I actually felt like a musician We worked for four weeks with Joe Barresi, and he worked us to the bone...
Parkway Drive, ‘Sleepwalker’ — Video Teaser
Australia's hottest metalcore export, Parkway Drive, are gearing up for the June 29 release of their new album, 'Deep Blue.' In honor of the upcoming record, they've released a trailer clip from the sanguine-soaked video for 'Sleepwalker.' In the vid, the lead character appears drenched in blood -- or just corn syrup substituting for platelets...
Parkway Drive Exclusive Studio Update — Video
Aussie metal warriors Parkway Drive have been diligently working on their next album -- their third -- for longtime label home Epitaph. You can check out their progress via this exclusive video diary to see what the band was up to. It's four minutes long and contains snippets of the new album throughout, so if you've got a raging case of Attention Deficit Disorder, then this clip is the perfect b
Richy Nix Blends Metal With Rap
The genre of rap rock isn't new, but it isn't exactly common for an artist to make the leap from hardcore rap to metal, either. Enter singer and lyricist Richy Nix, a Detroit-area rap/metal hybrid. From humble beginnings of playing with beats and earning a name for himself around Michigan, Nix earned a coveted slot on Universal Record's talent roster...
Create Avoid, ‘Heart Remains’ — New Album
Create Avoid; say it out loud and fast a few times and you'll 'get' the puns implicit in the name- are making music in the vein of classic, DIY hardcore with their debut release, 'Heart Remains.' While that ethic has certainly waned in the hardcore scene in recent years, Create Avoid keep the flame burning and pass the genre's torch to a new breed and generation of kids in the crowds and on the s
Parkway Drive’s Platinum DVD Sets Tone for 2010 Release
Metalcore quintet Parkway Drive have plans to expand upon their 2009 DVD success with a new album in 2010. Released in August of last year, the Byron Bay, Australia band's 'The DVD' is a semi-documentary. It tells the story of the rise of the Aussie surfers with live footage from their 2008 'Sweatfest' tour, behind the scenes interviews with members (past and present) of the band, as well as test
Warped Tour 2010 Includes Dillinger Escape Plan, Suicide Silence
The last few years, Kevin Lyman's Warped Tour has become more metal than your mother's kettle, so to speak. Rather than serve strictly as a platform for punk, ska and emo, Warped has become an all-inclusive affair, featuring bands like Underoath, the Devil Wears Prada, In This Moment and Killswitch Engage...

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