It's a miracle 'Bullet in My Hand' was even recorded, let alone made into a video. Written by Redlight King vocalist Kaz during a dark period in his life, the lyrics paint a brutally honest portrait of a man at end of his rope. "Most of it was written while the feelings were still there," he recalls. "My songs are written about real issues, real experiences. I like to bring listeners in deep, and give them time to look around," says Kaz.

"You know why it's happening," he recalls of his struggle with substance abuse. "You don't know where the end is, you've lost all rationality. You're borderline insane. But in the end, you make a decision to start again, and the only way was to forgive myself for my mistakes." Raised in Hamilton, Ont., Kaz relocated to California where he recorded 'Something for the Pain,' Redlight King's debut album for Hollywood Records. "I'm all about mixing in the old sounds," Kaz says of the album, "and giving it that warm, analog feel."

Noisecreep landed some behind-the-scenes footage from the making of Redlight King's 'Bullet in My Hand' video shoot. The clip was shot in the Hamilton Warplane Museum in Kaz's hometown.

Watch the Making of 'Bullet in My Hand' From Redlight King

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Watch 'Bullet in My Hand' From Redlight King

Redlight King's 'Something for the Pain' is available now via Hollywood Records.

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