PsychostickArizona-based comedy metal band Psychostick -- they make songs infused with humor and silliness -- have made a video for 'Girl Directions' from their latest platter, 'Sandwich.' The song, with its thwapped bass, thunderous riffing and clips of a woman giving convoluted, overly complicated directions, is a hoot, like most Psychostick songs tend to be. When you're a band in a van, directions are pretty crucial, and Psychostick seem to be proving the point that a GPS is better than asking someone else.

"Girl Directions the song was sparked by a girl in Portland, Ore. who gave us terrible directions to someplace," vocalist Rob Kersey said in a statement. "From there the song just started to take shape ... And now we're on tour to support it as our new radio single."


Check out the video, which features the band, a bunch of funky head gear ('Karate Kid' headbands, propeller caps and a blue ponytail mohawk) and their white tour van! Yes, it's the actual van that the band uses to criss-cross the country. And the band is actually playing their instruments while packed in the van. Including the drummer and his kit. There's even an innocent pedestrian who gets mowed down by the band in the middle of the road. Guess his parent's didn't remind him to look both ways before crossing the street.

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