Psychostick will release their tasty new album 'Sandwich' on May 5 and this jokey, Arizona-based band isn't masking its intention to insert plenty o' humor into the metal genre. Guitarist Josh Key told Noisecreep, "We already had much of 'Sandwich written when we started touring to support our first album, 'We Couldn't Think of a Title,' in 2006. After touring for over two years, our fans were constantly asking for a new CD. But we simply weren't making enough money to stop touring for more than a month."

While studio time wasn't a problem for Psychostick as the band records on the cheap since Key doubles as an engineer at Toxic Recording in Mesa, Arizona, the members still needed to pay their bills. Their manager came up with a brilliant idea to have fans donate 50 bucks a piece in exchange for their name appearing in a song and an autographed copy of the CD. The band ended up raising $18,000! Key admits, "We had no idea it would actually work. That's why I can safely say with confidence that Psychostick fans are the best fans ever. We made it worth their money." The band did so by squeezing as much content as possible onto the physical CD, which is why the last track is titled 'We Ran Out of CD Space."

Psychostick consider themselves an eyebrow-raising cross between Killswitch Engage, Bloodhound Gang and Tenacious D., deeming their music "serious metal riffage, but a hilarious song content and attitude." The band will spend the summer touring its rump off, simply for the love of the music and the fans. "Although comedy metal is not for everyone, we're more interested in finding people that appreciate what we do rather than filling up arenas. Otherwise, we'd write sappy love songs," Key says.

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