The Pearl Jam countdown has hit zero for the second time this week, this time unveiling the band's new single 'Mind Your Manners' as well as the album title, artwork and release date for their upcoming disc. The effort is titled 'Lightning Bolt' and is scheduled for an Oct. 15 street date.

Earlier this week the band used the countdown clock to build anticipation for the announcement of their fall tour. But this second countdown hits the motherload, with not only the album title and artwork, but also pre-order information. Fans can visit the website where they'll receive info on how to purchase the disc in CD, vinyl or digital form. In addition, those who pre-order the disc will immediately receive digital access to 'Mind Your Manners.'

Speaking of the band's new single, it's an aggressive rocker with rapid-fire drumming from Matt Cameron and a furious delivery from Eddie Vedder. Take a listen to the cut below. Meanwhile, another mystery has been solved as the solitary white circle that appeared on Pearl Jam's website earlier this week has been fully fleshed out. It's now a fully formed table setting with a plate and silverware against a bloody backdrop with a gun and crucifix necklace laying on the plate. You can see the single artwork featured in the 'Mind Your Manners' clip below.

'Mind Your Manners' marks the first new song from the highly-anticipated follow up to their 2009 album 'Backspacer.' During a recent appearance on Seattle's 'Bob & Groz' show, guitarist Mike McCready stated that the band's upcoming effort would "be way better than 'Backspacer.'"

Pearl Jam will likely work 'Mind Your Manners' into their set lists when they return to North American stages this fall. The trek is set to launch Oct. 11 in Pittsburgh, with shows lined up all the way into early December.

The track listing for the 'Lightning Bolt' album has yet to be revealed, and another countdown has started on Pearl Jam's website. However this one appears to be ticking away the hours and minutes to the album's release.

Listen to Pearl Jam's 'Mind Your Manners'