Need a little "evil" in your life today? Noctum are here to provide it for you as the band is exclusively premiering their new song 'Resurrected in Evil' here at Noisecreep.

The hard-rocking Swedish four-piece are connecting on all cylinders, with David Indelof and Daniel Johansson providing a sinister guitar sound and a wailing mid-song guitar solo. Meanwhile, Fredrik Jansson delivers a foot-stopming beat while bassist Tobias Rosen adds some complimentary low end. Simply put, 'Resurrected in Evil' has a classic sounding metal feel accentuated by Indelof's soaring vocals.

Rosen told Noisecreep about the track, "In my opinion 'Resurrected in Evil' shows what Noctum are all about. It's a song that really puts all our elements together while describing us as a band and is a perfect example of how Noctum sounds in 2013."

'Resurrected in Evil' is just part of the puzzle, with the band creating an overall horror story with each 'Final Sacrifice' album cut telling a portion of the tale. If you like what you hear with 'Resurrected in Evil,' the band's 'Final Sacrifice' disc drops Oct. 29. Pre-orders are currently underway at this location.

Listen to Noctum's 'Resurrected in Evil'

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