Boston in the '80s was one of the key breeding grounds in the U.S. for hardcore punk music and that history is explored in the new compilation, 'Drop the Needle: Boston Punk Anthology.'

The disc, which drops in stores next Tuesday (Oct. 1), puts the focus on the hardcore punk scene between the years of 1982 and 1986, when bands like Gang Green ruled the clubs. Included in this compilation is the original 1985 version of 'Let's Drink Some Beer,' which was co-written by future Mighty Mighty Bosstones frontman Dicky Barrett.

Glen Stilphen, the man behind this compilation, recalls, "The original version of 'Let's Drink Some Beer' was recorded in 1985 around the same time that the band recorded their most successful record, 'Another Wasted Night.' The song was written by Dicky Barrett from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' along with Chris Doherty while they were both in a band called The Cheapskates in Boston. After The Cheapskates broke up in 1984, Chris brought the song over to Gang Green rehearsal. With its beer theme and high tempo, it was a perfect fit for the band." Stilphen goes on to credit drummer Walter Gustafson, who gave the song its explosive tempo. He adds that later attempts at recording the song weren't as successful as the soul of the original recording.

In addition to Gang Green, this collection includes cuts from Smegma + the Nunz, a group of hardcore legends that features members of Gang Green and The Freeze along with former Leper frontman Alec Steere. Celebrity Death Certificate, Scratch and Mallet Head also earn their places on this compilation for all that they added to the punk scene.

This set is dedicated to vocalist Alec Steere (aka Smegma), who was tragically hit by a train in 1999. If you like what you hear, the 'Drop the Needle: Boston Punk Anthology' compilation can currently be pre-ordered via Amazon, iTunes or

Listen to 'Drop the Needle: Boston Punk Anthology'

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