With much anticipation building, Florida's Order of Ennead have finished recording their latest album, 'An Examination of Being.' The band released footage from their studio sessions in December to give us a sampling of their new material, and vocalist/guitarist Kevin Quirion recently expanded on each song. "I know that most people don't read lyrics these days," he said in a press release, "[The record] wasn't intended to be a concept album, but since all of the subject matter is on the same topic it lends itself to being one."

Ennead was actually a collection of nine deities in ancient Egyptian mythology, and the most important of its time. One's own existential crisis is a topic that goes back to the beginning of civilization. And even in today's society, Order of Ennead tie in their observations with historical and mythological events. 'The Scriptures of Purification' suggest listening to your inner voice for guidance. "How many times," asks Quirion, "have you had that 'gut feeling' that you didn't listen to and ended up regretting?"

Most interesting are the comments on 'The Mortal Journey,' a song that questions "the reason of creation, the purpose of life" -- as the lyrics note -- when we seek answers from our predecessors. "Maybe they had some knowledge that got lost?" asks Quirion. "The Ennead is mentioned here, but when they are referenced it puts a name to the ones that created man and gave man knowledge and life. Ennead doesn't have a meaning to most people and no ties like a word such as god. We are called Order of Ennead, but we don't worship the Ennead; that would be contradictory to all of the subject matter."

'An Examination of Being' is expected to have an April release date on Earache Records. Several new tracks are streaming, including 'The Concept of Our Extinction.'

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