Buffalo, N.Y. may be freezing, but It Dies Today are hotter than a Megan Fox/Angelina Jolie oil wrestling match right about now! Maybe nothing is that blazing, but It Dies Today sure are popping up all over the metal radar this week. That's because the band's new album 'Lividity' finally landed on retail shelves, full of the maelstrom and melody that these good-looking young chaps are known for, this past Tuesday.

Guitarist Chris Cappelli told Noisereep earlier this week that "we've never been more pleased with any other record than with 'Lividity,'" and that the album is long overdue and should satiate fans! The record was stalled due to some reported label issues, but all that drama is behind the band, and they continue with plenty of forward momentum as they embark on a tour with Arsonists Get All the Girls.

Download 'This Ghost'
You can check out the track 'This Ghost' through Noisecreep or join the exclusive listening party and stream the entire album. Try not to mosh too hard!

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