Saw VIEven if movie sequels get progressively lamer the higher up the numbers go, the accompanying soundtracks sometimes get better and better. We're not sure how good the movie 'Saw VI' is, but the soundtrack is pretty rad, featuring new recordings by Suicide Silence, Lacuna Coil, Mushroomhead, Chimaira, Shadows Fall, Outbreak and Nitzer Ebb, as well as previously released music ranging from hard rock to extreme metal.

The album comes out October 20 -- three days before the movie's theatrical release – and consists of 21 cuts in all, including the new tunes: Suicide Silence's 'Genocide/Saw VI Remix,' Shadows Fall's 'Still I Rise/Saw VI Remix,' Lacuna Coil's 'The Last Goodbye,' Chimaira's 'Warpath,' Mushroomhead's 'Your Soul Is Mine,' Outbreak's 'The Countdown Begins' and Nitzer Ebb's 'Never Known.'

"We feel that we have put together a collection of songs that really mirrors the chaos onscreen," says Jonathan Platt of Artists' Addiction Soundtracks. "All of our acts are big fans of the 'Saw' series and were excited to be a part of the soundtrack and I think that energy really comes across."

The complete track list for 'Saw VI':

Hatebreed -- 'In Ashes They Shall Reap'

Lacuna Coil -- 'The Last Goodbye'

It Dies Today -- 'Reckless Abandon'

Mushroomhead -- 'Your Soul Is Mine'

Chimaira -- 'Warpath'

Danko Jones -- 'Code of the Road'

Suicide Silence -- 'Genocide / Saw VI Remix'

Memphis May Fire -- 'Ghost in the Mirror'

Outbreak -- 'The Countdown Begins'

Shadows Fall -- 'Still I Rise/Saw VI Remix'

Type O Negative -- 'Dead Again'

Converge -- 'Dark Horse'

Kittie -- 'Cut Throat'

Nitzer Ebb -- 'Never Known'

Every Time I Die -- 'Roman Holiday'

My My Misfire -- 'The Sinatra'

The Flood -- 'Lethal Injection'

James Brothers -- 'More Than a Sin'

69 Eyes -- 'We Own the Night'

Ventana -- 'Watch Us Burn'

Miss May I -- 'Forgive & Forget'

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