Ah, the life of a touring musician. Your days are usually filled with interviews, meet and greets, sound checks and other assorted activities. It's not all sightseeing or playing video games. But the members of Kittie, who checked in while on tour with It Dies Today in France, finally made it to France's ultimate tourist trap: The Eiffel Tower.

"I've been to Paris so many times, but I've only seen the inside of a venue every time," vocalist and guitarist Morgan Lander told Noisecreep about her recent excursion. "We had a day off and thought, 'F--- this!' Everyone on the tour -- there were 16 of us -- hopped on the Metro to the Eiffel Tower. We spent a a few hours taking pictures ... Tara, Ivy and I took the stairs! We made it all the way to top, as far as we could go. It took us a while, but we loved the fresh air and exercise."

Kittie's latest record, 'In the Black,' is out now via E1, and the band will return to tour the States in March.

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