Of Mice and Men

Everything for Of Mice & Men has moved fast. First a demo song gets recorded, and in five days the Southern California screamo band is signed to a deal, setting a time for a full-length and planning a non-stop touring schedule. 'Second & Sebring' is the band's debut video from their self-titled album released earlier this month.

The video adds visuals of childhood recollections to match the song's longing lyrics, something we here at Noisecreep already pondered by way of the line "This is not what it is, only baby scars/I need your love like a boy needs his mother's side."


For many, the 'Second & Sebring' video is the first sighting of frontman Austin Carlile sans Attack Attack! since the metal-core act gave him the pink slip for personal differences back in 2008 -- only a few days after the band's debut hit the shelves.

Of Mice & Men are currently on tours supporting a myriad of bands before doing a stint on Warped Tour this summer.