Austin Carlile, vocalist for Of Mice & Men and former frontman of Attack Attack!, and band drum tech Lionel Robinson were both arrested at around 3AM on Saturday, March 30 in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Carlile was charged with felonious assault after the cops responded to a fight that broke out between groups of people in the street. One person was left unconscious and then transported to the hospital with fractured nasal bones, according to the Bowling Green police.

Carlile and Robinson were booked at the Wood County Justice Center and subsequently released today (April 1) after a video arraignment. They were released on $25,000 bond.

A felonious assault differs from a disorderly conduct charge in the amount of physical harm that is caused, so it sounds like someone got beat up pretty badly.

Carlile and Robinson are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on April 15 at 9AM at municipal court.

Of Mice & Men had to cancel weekend shows in Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan as a result. The show at Peabody's in Cleveland, set for tonight, is said to still be on as of press time.


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