The 2013 Gigantour trek will be minus a band for at least a week. Newsted revealed they are bowing out of the run as frontman and band namesake Jason Newsted has stated that he is under the weather and has been ordered to give it a rest.

Newsted have been on the road promoting their forthcoming album, 'Heavy Metal Music.' During the Gigantour run, the new band has held their own and become one of the top draws on the bill. The bassist / singer, while not happy to bow out of dates, offered the following post on his health:

Hey friends ... I'd been feeling a bit under the weather while performing the most recent Gigantour shows so I went to the Dr. on my day off today & I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia!!! So under doctor's orders, I'm taking a week to rebuild ... my apologies to our Canadian brothers & sisters in regions where we will not be appearing this week. I'm gonna work on keeping me alive so together we can keep the metal alive!!!! Cheers to all!! Jason

Newsted issued the song 'Heroic Dose' back in June, just as they were announcing the details for their 'Heavy Metal Music' album. The disc also includes the song 'Soldierhead,' which was the lead single of the 'Metal' EP that arrived earlier this year.

For fans wondering about the band's upcoming debut album, Newsted told Loudwire earlier this year that the 'Metal' EP offers a little indicator, but things have definitely evolved since then. He explained, "It’s coming from the same seeds obviously, from the songs on the EP, but now adding the dimension of Mike [Mushok] and the color and we’re getting shared writing credits on these songs, so now everyone gets to do their own thing and play a bigger part. … It’s all heavy and still very much in the vein of the EP, not all fast but definitely heavy for sure."

'Heavy Metal Music' is due Aug. 6 and can currently be pre-ordered via iTunes. Noisecreep sends our best to Jason Newsted on his recovery and for a healthy return to Gigantour before the trek concludes.

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