Some lyric videos are simply more artistic and involved than others, and feel like they could replace an actual music video. In some respects, Newsted's 'Above All' is one of those cases.

The video for the track, which appears on 'Heavy Metal Music' (out Aug. 6), is drenched in a wet, oily, earthy, mud-like substance. The dude who is struggling to break free of chains is coated in layers of this thick oil as he crawls and valiantly attempts to make some sort of escape.

This particular lyric video is different in that it makes you think and wonder who put this hapless dude in shackles and why they are on his wrists and ankles. What did he do? Why is this his punishment?

Normally, a lyric video is a vehicle so a fan can listen to and learn the words of a song. In this case, you're wondering what the hell is happening, especially after he lets out a primal scream in the end.

When did lyric vids become cerebral? When Newsted decided to do one for 'Above All,' which we might add is a gritty, gnarly track that earns two horns up from us.

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