Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine hinted at -- actually, he pretty much confirmed -- an onstage, live collaboration between himself and Jason Newsted on Gigantour. It's been rumored, but it pretty much seems like a foregone conclusion at this point.

Mustaine and Newsted are both ex-members of Metallica, at different eras in the band's career. Currently, they've teamed up as tourmates on Mustaine's Gigantour. Newsted was sidelined from a few dates after being diagnosed with walking pneumonia and Mustaine patiently awaits his return.

He posted the above photo, writing: "I hope you are feeling better Jason Newsted. We miss you and are ready to do ‪#‎MetalMilitia‬ when you get back. ‪#‎Gigantour‬."

So there you have it. The two will team up to perform a 'Kill 'Em All' classic. If that "nudge" doesn't help Newsted get back into fighting and playing shape on the quick, nothing else will.

Newsted also recently spoke about the track 'Twisted Tail of the Comet,' which features on the Newsted album 'Heavy Metal Music,' out Aug. 6.

'Twisted' is a song I wrote for Denis D'Amour of Voivoid, Piggy, who died seven years ago," he told Metal Hammer. "'Twisted Tail of the Comet,' like the tail of Piggy, he is in the stars and he was always this cosmic guy that was this thing, that connection with space and the universe. So that song is for him first and foremost."

"It talks about his vision, living eternal, right here," Newsted said, touching his chest. It's clearly a touching tribute to a fallen metal brother, who passed away from colon cancer in 2005.

Newsted also further memorialized the late musician, speaking about how he mathematically outsmarted the guitar by reinventing how to play the instrument. Newsted wrote the song as an homage to the influence Piggy had on his songwriting.

His commentary on the song certainly increases its resonance with the listener, especially those that are Voivod and Newsted fans. Remember, Newsted joined Voivoid --with his "Jasonic" alter ego-- back in 2002. He left in 2008.

Watch Jason Newsted Talk 'Twisted Tail of the Comet'

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