Got six minutes for Jason Newsted and his namesake band Newsted? Sure you do! Trust us, you won't regret listening to these six glorious minutes of metal awesomeness, doled out by Newsted and his new crew.

The musician and the band are currently sitting out a few Gigantour dates due to Newsted contracting a case of walking pneumonia, but they've offered a six-minute audio preview of the new album 'Heavy Metal Music' to tide fans over. The band features Staind's Mike Mushok, Jessie Farnsworth and Jesus Menez.

The album is out Aug. 6 but you can indulge and enjoy snippets of the tracks right now. Our assessment? This thing is a gnarly slab of metal that has classic thrash elements, reminding us of Newsted's former band Metallica as well as his current tour mates Megadeth, which of course features ex-Metallica member Dave Mustaine. Let's keep the "M" theme going, since it also features some of the grit of Motorhead.

As expected, it's metal up your you-know-what. Newsted and his bandmates deliver crushing metal and these audio samples should certainly have you amped to hear the full songs, the solos and rest of the percussive fury.

Sure, the album has a really simple title, but it reveals exactly what you will hear when you listen to it. We particularly like the speed of 'Soldierhead,' as well as 'Nocturnus,' with its sludge-caked, doomy riffery. We also dug the rage of 'Twisted Tail of the Comet,' as well as the bluster of 'Above All.'

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