Newsted are giving fans another little taste of their forthcoming album, 'Heavy Metal Music,' by serving up a snippet of the new track 'Above All' in demo form. The 30-second clip can be heard above.

The piece itself shows plenty of promise with some opening guitar wails and a driving beat. Newsted sings of ominously dark times in the clip, speaking to the end of the world and dealing with loss.

'Above All' marks the fourth song to get some advance play ahead of the 'Heavy Metal Music' release. The band carried over the tracks 'Soldierhead' and 'King of the Underdogs' from their 'Metal' EP, then unveiled the propulsive new track 'Heroic Dose' to coincide with the new album release date and title details just last month.

'Heavy Metal Music' is expected in stores Aug. 6 and the band is spending their summer on the Megadeth-led Gigantour trek promoting the effort. To hear 'Heroic Dose' and see the full track listing for the upcoming disc, click the button below.

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