Life on the road can lead to surprising and highly anticipated collaborations, and the upcoming Gigantour will feature a trip down memory lane with Dave Mustaine and Jason Newsted. The former Metallica members, who were part of the band during different periods, are in cahoots to play a song from the metal band's laundry list of hit songs. As for the actual track, that choice may be up to the fans.

Mustaine, who was booted off Metallica in 1983 and rebounded by forming Megadeth, tweeted: "If I play a song I wrote in Metallica w/JasonCNewsted, which should it be? 'Ride,' 'Metal Militia,' 'Phantom,' 'Jump,' 'Khutulu' or 'Four Horsemen'?" Although Mustaine and Newsted have both had their issues with Metallica's members over the years, both are now on good terms with their former mates and are open to revisiting a piece of their past on this summer's Gigantour run.

Newsted, who fronts his own self-titled band, quit Metallica back in 2001. In an interview with SkullNBones, Newsted confirmed that he and Mustaine are pairing up for a Gigantour performance. "There is a chance that Mustaine and I will bust out some old Metallica that he was a part of," said Newsted. "I'm willing to throw down 'Phantom Lord.' Actually, whatever he calls out, I'm gonna throw down."

Gigantour begins July 3 in New Hampshire and closes its run Aug. 11 in Toronto. Metallica enthusiasts will probably be waiting with bated breath to see what the Newsted and Mustaine can pull together during the trek.

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