Brooklyn's Most Precious Blood have emerged from a hardcore hibernation, of sorts. The band hasn't been incredibly active over the past few years, and their last album, 'Merciless,' was released way back in 2005. Guitarist Justin Brannan checked in and gave Noisecreep the scoop, saying, "The new MPB record has been a few years in the making and it's called 'Do Not Resuscitate.' People can read into the title however they'd like, but I wouldn't send flowers just yet."

The lineup for 'Resuscitate' includes Brannan and guitarist Rachel Rosen (who does double duty on this record, playing guitar live while also playing the bass tracks on the album), vocalist Rob Fusco, formerly of One King Down, drummer Colin Kercz and bassist Matt Miller.

Sonically, MPB are as enraged as ever. "It's easily our angriest record so far, and we call out everyone on it. We've been around too long to mince words. It's not a very friendly album. I wouldn't take it on a date or to a fancy restaurant," Brannan said. It must be an ugly record, in the best possible way, of course. 'Do Not Resuscitate' is set for release later this year, via longtime label Trustkill Records.