Earlier this year, we reported that Most Precious Blood guitarist Justin Brannan would be pursuing his political aspirations in 2012. Given this week's elections, Noisecreep checked in with Brannan about his thoughts on the current state of events in his native New York and what the future holds. He also encouraged people to vote today, because it's a privilege and a right!

"I'm on the sidelines this year -- not running for anything -- but I have been working with a few important Democratic campaigns and also just making sure people get out and vote," Brannan told Noisecreep. "That's the most important thing. If only because it gives you the right to complain, you've gotta vote. If you don't vote, you really can't complain."

He continued, "I used to think voting wasn't important and it didn't matter but I was young and naïve. I needed to see with my own eyes that it mattered, and eventually I saw the light! Soon after, I realized that collective action is the only way to move mountains. It's not much different from the punk and hardcore community."

Brannan demonstrated a keen understanding of what the common folk need and want right now due to all the instability in the country. "There is an overwhelming call for accountability and transparency across the nation -- and people are impatient -- and in some instances, rightfully so," he admitted. "People's faith has been shattered, and overall, people are tired of the same old, same old. People are tired of the empty campaign trail promises. But people also must realize that affecting change takes time -- it's incremental. It's not black and white, and it doesn't happen overnight.

"People tend to want instant gratification. That's just human nature circa 2010. But in Washington there is no such thing. Change takes time. We need to keep moving America forward but the President needs allies in the House, the Senate and governing states to make it happen so getting your friends to vote with you is simply the most important thing you can do to make sure we can keep bringing about change."

Brannan also pointed out how the country was facing its worst economic downturn since the Great Depression in 2008, with 8 million jobs eviscerated, but that things are looking up -- and people shouldn't forget that. "Two years later, together we have begun to rebuild our economy on the values of hard work and responsibility," he said. "Private employers and small businesses have created jobs nine months in a row, and three million Americans would not be working today if not for the investments that the President's Democratic allies in Congress helped put in place.

"My advice is to find the candidate who you feel best represents your beliefs and vote for him or her. That is democracy in action. That's why voting matters. Again, collective action is the only way to move mountains. A lot of these races are very close and everything you can do to get the word out will make a real difference. Make your voice heard! Right now, there are potential voters in your neighborhood or at your job that support what you and I are fighting for, who will only vote if you reach out to them in these final days. Maybe they don't know the stakes in this election. Maybe they've heard too many of the lies coming from the other side about what this movement has accomplished. Or maybe they just haven't been paying attention. You can help determine not just the outcome of this election, but our country's future."

Brannan concluded by offering, "Collective action is the only way. In past generations, Americans came together, even in the face of impossible odds. That's how we got through war. That's how we got through depression and that's why we have civil rights, and women's rights, and workers' rights."

I really hope he is successful in his bid for office two years from now. Brannan also said his New York ticket for today is Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo for Governor, Mike McMahon for Congress, Kirsten Gillibrand for U.S. Senate and Tom DiNapoli for Comptroller. "Those are my hot picks," he said with a wink. "They will all cover the spread."