Brooklyn-based Most Precious Blood have issued a cryptic manifesto about the release of their long-awaited 'Do Not Resuscitate' album, which left fans to wonder if this was a self-fulfilling prophecy and harbinger of the end.

The band spent four years touring in support of their third album, 'Merciless,' before dipping below the radar at the end of 2006 and remaining off the grid for the next five years without so much as a "we're taking a break" statement. But then last week, Bullet Tooth issued a statement that said 'Do Not Resuscitate' would land as a 12-inch vinyl along with a small handful of gigs. So we had to reach out to our friend, guitarist Justin Brannan, for some more concrete details.

"I spent the day in [Washington, D.C.] yesterday on meetings with OPIC, the Department of Commerce and the US Chamber of Commerce. And today I'm doing interviews about MPB and I love it," Brannan, who is pursuing a political career, told Noisecreep. "It's not that we don't care anymore -- because we do -- we're just doing things our way again: playing shows when we want, recording albums when we want, etc. We're not doing the trained monkey thing anymore."

Brannan continued, "We have no illusions of fame or fortune. We all have families now; jobs, whatever. But we still love hardcore and we still love playing and writing this music and the exchange of energy. We hope everyone will come along for the ride through this next chapter of Most Precious Blood. We are not done. Far from it. We're already planning the follow-up to this one. And we promise it won't take 10 years."

'Do Not Resuscitate' track list

1. 'A Danger to Myself and Others'

2. 'Shut the F--- Up, Jailbreak'

3. 'Meth Mites'

4. 'Blame It on Altered Beast'

5. 'Stuart Is a Dead Man Walking'

6. 'Upstate Ghost'

7. 'Enthusiastic Eugenicist'

8. 'Functional Autist'

9. 'Graveyard Postcards'

10. 'Of Scattered Ants That Swarm Together'

11. 'Animal Mother'

12. 'Do Not Resuscitate'